Professionally Written Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles


Recruiters and human resource professionals decide in 11 seconds whether or not to read a resume fully or discard it. That’s not a lot of time. Working together, we can create a resume that is appropriate for your profession, the employment opportunity and will impress the person reviewing it.  Prices starting at $99.

Cover Letter

A cover letter does much more than complement your resume. It is your chance to tell an employer what you can do for their company, and it gives them an insight to your personality. Take this opportunity to stand out, and put yourself ahead of other job-seekers.  Prices starting at $50.

LinkedIn Profile

How you present yourself online can help increase your chances of finding a job in your chosen field. We can optimize your LinkedIn profile for relevant, powerful keywords to ensure that it shows up when a recruiter or hiring manager searches LinkedIn for someone matching your skills and experience.  Prices starting at $150.


Is it possible to have too many qualifications or too much experience? No, but if you submit a ten page resume, we can guarantee that most reviewers will not read it. In some professions, a clear, concise resume complemented by a comprehensive portfolio is the best choice.  Prices starting at $229.

Let’s take the first step to a better future together with The Write Approach today.


We know that trying to find a job or change the direction of your career is very challenging, especially on your own. The Write Approach Professional Services provides direction and guidance during the job-seeking process by using our expertise and track record of success. We have included some recent client experiences to demonstrate how we understand our clients’ professional history as well as their satisfaction with our documents and services:

“In less than three hours, The Write Approach Professional Services helped me update my resume and write a cover letter for a job posting. I thought that I had missed my chance because I waited so long. Thanks to a great resume, I received a call for an interview a few days later, and I got the job!”

Amy Y., Markham, ON

“My son received a free resume from The Write Approach Professional Services during a promotion. We were both pleased with the document, and he had his very first job interview today.”

Henna J., Newmarket, ON

The Write Approach Professional Services provided a resume and cover letter for me at a very reasonable rate. I worked with another resume writing firm, and I did not get called for several months. After I submitted my new documents, I had a job within three weeks.”

Nicole S., Calgary, AB

“I am a college student, and I needed some help applying for co-op jobs. I had a very positive experience with The Write Approach Professional Services, and I found a placement that I am looking forward to!”

Taylor W., Barrie, ON

“I had not written or updated my resume in over a decade, and felt a professional would increase my chances for success. I was over the moon surprised to see my skills come alive! The experience was speedy, professional and extraordinarily valuable.”

Sarah P., Brantford, ON

“Simply a superior service.  The Write Approach Professional Services really spent the time to get to know me.  Now my LinkedIn profile really pops.  I have gotten several more views and recruiters are contacting me at least once every 2 weeks.  Thank you so much!”

Darren G., Tampa, FL

60 Days of Document Revisions

The Write Approach Professional Services recognizes that there is more to securing a job offer than a professionally written resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and portfolio. We include 60 days of document revisions–a maximum of 2 revisions per service–to support you as you apply for additional employment opportunities. This value added service has given our clients a competitive advantage due to our expertise in writing customized documents.

Personalized Advice

We also offer our clients advice when getting ready for a telephone or in-person interview as well as provide commonly asked interview questions in various industries. We can ensure that you are prepared for situations that you encounter as you work toward your new employment opportunity.