Until now, we have not shared a great deal about why we decided to open this business. For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing resumes and biographies, at work or outside of my former job as a Technical Writer, and had several people tell me, “you should make a living doing this.” While I truly enjoyed helping others, I had never envisioned myself as an entrepreneur. I started The Write Approach on a part-time basis in the summer of 2015. With a stable job and a family to support, a change like this seemed out of my grasp.

However, the business began to take on a life of its own. Clients kept referring my services to other clients. In early 2016, I was having difficulty balancing two jobs. Looking back, I see that this was a great problem to have! After a lot of planning and many discussions, my husband and business partner agreed that I would fully commit to the business in the summer of 2016. He has continued (and expanded) his role, and is a great source of insight and support. I joined two business networking groups, began learning from a group of inspiring, talented entrepreneurs at BNI Business Elite and dedicated myself to making this business sustainable for my family.

Initially, I focused on providing four core services – resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and portfolios. In the past few months, I have completed written biographies for local companies, edited a textbook and written award and grant applications for business owners. Drawing on my experience as a Technical Writer, I am pleased to offer these additional services to my clients.

Since July 2016, The Write Approach has played a role in assisting 23 clients secure new job opportunities across Canada. Every single time a client tells me, “I have a job offer,” it makes my day. For many of my clients, this change opens a new chapter in their lives…it may be their first professional position after graduation, an opportunity with an organization they have always wanted to work for or a new role after a significant life change. I am so pleased to have a part in their professional growth. When I get those special calls and messages, I have smiled, danced in my office and, for two dear souls who made it through difficult journeys, cried with them on the phone.

Why am I sharing this with you? There are two main reasons I wrote this blog; firstly, to say thank you…for the support you showed me when I told you about my new direction, for your business and referrals and for the coffee and chocolate that fueled me on busy days. I am blessed, and so grateful for your support. Secondly, my hope is that at least one person reading this will listen to that little voice in their head telling them, “you can do more,” and make a positive change in their lives. I also know that you need to be ready for all of the changes and challenges that come with committing to a new opportunity. When clients talk to me about making a change, I can relate to the feelings they are having because I have experienced many of them. If you or someone you know may be ready for a new direction, please contact me at julie@thewriteapproachps.ca. I am hopeful that the knowledge and skills I have learned—and continue to learn—throughout my journey can help others as they navigate through theirs.

The Write Approach has experience supporting clients in different industries: