We are living in a time of uncertainty. Nobody is sure what is next. Besides the health concerns, economies worldwide are struggling. People have been laid off, and there has been a reduction in wages and stocks. You may be worried about not finding or being able to secure a position. Worrying about what the future holds is natural, especially during a global pandemic. Therefore, you must be prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead, especially when it comes to finding and maintaining a suitable employment opportunity.

Many employers search through LinkedIn profiles for potential candidates. Most employees will be working from home for the foreseeable future. If a company identifies you as a potential employee, you will be able to meet face to face, and it may be challenging for you to market yourself to potential employers. In that case, your LinkedIn profile must be optimized to help you stand out. It should give you a competitive edge over others for you to get a call for an interview. We also do not know how long the challenges associated for jobseekers and employers due to COVID-19 will continue, but the strength of your LinkedIn profile may be key to your success.  Here are some tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Networking

Now is the perfect time to build your network. Connect with your former mentors, friends, colleagues, or classmates. Spend time talking to people about their careers, and how they are faring during COVID-19. They may be able to connect you to decision-makers or people in your industry.

2. Become a Pro

Get familiar with LinkedIn and ensure that your profile truly represents who you are and highlight your skill sets. A lot of recruiters are using LinkedIn, and it is a very popular method to find potential candidates. Leverage this platform to increase your visibility among employers. It is one of the best ways to look for people you want to connect with, and showcase your capabilities.

3. Remote Work

Considering remote work options is a wise idea because there will be plenty of opportunities during and after COVID-19. Try to choose and describe skills that are conducive to working from home. For instance, business development, relationship building, and customer service can all be done from home. You can even try your hand at a freelance job. Most businesses have moved to an e-commerce model, so there are and will continue to be many remote jobs. Be sure to add or emphasize technical skills related to online businesses.

4. Online Courses

Take this time to learn a new skill or take an online course to get certifications. New skills are always in demand during challenging economic times. Therefore, use the time that you have to complete an online course related to your field or a field you are interested in. Distance learning has become more accessible (and prevalent) than ever. Commit yourself to learning something new to help you stand out!
During these challenging times, use–and expand–what you know to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Make a commitment to yourself by taking the time to implement these changes to your LinkedIn profile today!

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