A decreasing GDP rate, the closing of high-physical contact businesses and people refusing to leave their homes have all resulted in tough economic times. COVID-19 redefined what we used to define as “normal,” and the job market has been hit hard by these changes, too.
Getting a job during a pandemic isn’t easy.
Finding your way into an organization when job opportunities are few and far between, but it’s not impossible. Your resume is what can open doors to a new position for you. If luck hasn’t been on your side these past few months, it may be time to hire a professional resume writer. Choosing the right one can be an excellent return on investment, but it’s hard to know how to choose the right person (or company) if you’ve never worked with a resume writer before. Here are our top four tips to make the decision easier for you.

1. Plenty of Experience

Just like every profession demands different knowledge and certifications, the format each industry follows is unique, too. While you might not be familiar with this lesser-known fact, an experienced resume writer needs to be because what may work in one industry won’t work in another.
For example, a resume for an accountant should look very different from an office administrator’s resume. To help you ensure that your resume is appropriate for your industry, a professional resume writer can guide you through the process of what to include (and what not to include) on your resume.

2. Their Online Presence

Since several experienced resume writers rely on the internet to advertise, they should have a well-established online presence. Finding them will be easy. Once you land on their website, you’ll have more information to help you decide if they’re the best fit to work with you.
Try searching their LinkedIn profile as well. Their personal brand should be impressive; if it’s not, maybe you should look elsewhere!

3. Their Background and Experience

A resume writer must have strong writing skills to get results for their clients. If you can see that they have an impressive educational background (with some writing courses and industry-related certifications) coupled with relevant experience (someone who is not brand new to the profession), this is promising.
It is a wise idea to ask the resume writer to speak with you prior to hiring them to discuss your goals, answer your questions and provide a financial quotation. At The Write Approach Professional Services, we meet with potential clients for free discovery calls to provide feedback on the current resume, explain their proposed approach and answer the client’s questions.

4. Look for Reviews!

Established resume writers should have client testimonials on their LinkedIn profiles, other social media platforms and their website. These reviews can tell you whether the writer is skilled, helpful to their clients and give you some insight into their level of customer service. Some resume writers can also provide useful tips on interview preparation and interview coaching in addition to assisting with your resume and cover letter.
Finally, look for a pattern that the writer, or company, has reviews that state consistent work ethic and they appear to care about going above and beyond to serve their clients.

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