How is security relevant to writing resumes, cover letters, portfolios and LinkedIn profiles?  For the first few months of operation, we did not see the need for enhanced security features.  Besides keeping client information confidential, we had not delved deeper into the need for privacy and safety.  However, we had a client last fall ask us how their resume was being stored, and if they could come to me years later if their computer died or they lost their document.  We knew that if one of our clients had these concerns, others would, too.  A few weeks after this concern was brought to our attention, a client came to us in a panic because their computer crashed, and they lost their resume.

We quickly started investigating services that could provide a reliable method of storing documents, and a way to ensure that we could retain documents for many years.  We chose TitanFile Inc., a company based in Waterloo, ON that specializes in secure private file sharing, to meet our security needs.  Not only did they satisfy our requirements for document storage and retention, they offer encrypted messaging and file sharing; this helps to protect our clients during every stage of document development.  When we start working with a new client, we open a channel (similar to an instant message program) to exchange messages and documents in a cloud-based, encrypted environment.  Our clients appreciate this secure, user-friendly service, and it gives us peace of mind as well.  To find out more about TitanFile, please visit their website at,

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