Save Time and Reduce Stress by Taking Advantage of Professional Content Editing Services

Do you have an important project coming up soon? Do you really want to wow your audience, but fear not having the time or expertise to make the impression you’re hoping for? Whether you work for a small or large company, or the document is for a project or venture that means a lot to you, having a set of experienced, critical eyes revising and reformatting content can only improve the overall quality of your document.

What Kinds of Documents will We Accept for Content Editing and Content Proofreading?

The Write Approach has nearly 15 years of professional experience with content editing and content proofreading for small and large companies. From HVAC to healthcare to real estate to community services, we are pleased to have built positive relationships with clients in many different industries. Here are some examples of assignments we have completed over the last few years:

  • Reviewing and editing post-secondary online courses
  • Proofreading post-secondary textbooks
  • Critically reviewing Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) responses against requirements, and offering suggestions for improvement
  • Editing training materials for sales and operations teams
  • Proofreading communications of various sizes for various industries (e.g. engineering reports, policies, processes)
  • Editing and optimizing website content for readability and SEO
  • Proofreading proposals or business cases for various purposes (e.g. compensation increases or new employment opportunities)
  • Attending industry conferences and following up with written/edited material for sponsors and stakeholders

Why Should I use Content Editing Services?

Not only is it hard to write about yourself (or a topic you know very well), it’s very difficult to edit your own writing. The Write Approach Professional Services offers content editing services; members of our team act as a second set of trusted eyes to review many types of documents for people and companies.

Read these questions, and ask yourself if any of them apply to you:

  • Have you ever written an important report, proposal or communication and wondered if you made any errors?
  • Do you feel like you’re so close to a topic that it’s hard to write about it in a way that others will understand it?
  • Would it help to have a professional trained in editing and proofreading to be sure that your ideas are clear, and your spelling and grammar are correct?
  • Have you read the document so many times, but still find errors every time?

Using over a decade of experience writing and editing many different types of professional communications for various industries, we can provide the answer (and peace of mind) you need before you submit or share your document with others. These are the most common reasons why clients work with us for content editing services.

What Kinds of Documents are Eligible for Content Editing?

  • Technical reports
  • Business proposals, including Request for Proposal (RFP) responses
  • Textbooks
  • Instruction manuals
  • Policy and procedure documents
  • Websites (i.e. to review current content)

Content Editing Services:

  • Content Editing
  • Content Proofreading
  • Revising and Reformatting Content

How do Professional Content Editing Services Work?

While there is a great deal of variation in this listing of assignments, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discovery call if you do not see a project like yours for content proofreading or content editing. Discovery calls are very brief meetings, 15-30 minutes in length, to determine if we are a good fit to assist you with project. We will discuss the scope of your project, deadline, the level of support you require and provide a cost estimate.

While working in-person is optimal, we have supported clients with content editing and content proofreading projects in Canada and the United States. For many years, our owner built positive relationships with individuals and teams from coast to coast, and across the border…they enjoyed working with her so much that they often sent her chocolate and other sweet treats!

Your consultation, and subsequent meetings, will focus on executing the completion plan. If this is the first time you have worked with us, we will ensure that we allot plenty of time in our schedule for questions and edits to ensure that you are pleased with the overall quality of the document.

Whether we meet in-person, via Skype or telephone, our main objective is to make sure you are satisfied with the final document…and meet that important deadline!