Expedited Writing & Content Editing Services

Tight Deadlines Don’t Scare Us!

When the Clock is Ticking, Our Superpowers Will Help You Finish on Time!

Our team is used to working under pressure. With 15 years of professional writing, editing and proofreading experience, we know what we can do (and deliver) in a short amount of time. We get it. We have lived it, and we love a challenge!

Whether we’re writing a resume or proofreading a large report, we will make a plan, execute it and help our clients meet their deadline. We are pleased to offer expedited services in several areas of our business, and we will tell you how we make even the most daunting deadlines possible.

Our team of professional writers and editors will tell you during your discovery call (a short meeting dedicated to discussing the scope of your project, making a plan to complete it, cost for support, etc.) if they can commit to the project. Our clients are delighted that, in most instances, we say yes!

Do You Have an Employment Application Deadline Sneaking up on You?

You can probably relate to finding a job you’re really interested in, having all of the qualifications and being really excited to apply only to see that the job posting closes in two days. We have had more than a few clients call us thinking that there would be no way we can write or edit a resume and cover letter in two days. In many cases, our team is able to work together to deliver high quality documents that help clients get the results they’re hoping for in a very short time.

In 2019, we were hired by a project manager in the energy retrofit industry to edit their resume and cover letter within four hours. They were thrilled with the edited documents…especially when they received a call for an interview a few days later!

Have You Neglected Your LinkedIn Profile and Need to Update it ASAP?

If you are applying for a new position or you represent your organization professionally online, you can expect that people will be at your LinkedIn profile. Recently, a healthcare organization approached us to create LinkedIn profiles for their team because they were being featured at a prominent industry conference. The Write Approach created five LinkedIn profiles for this team in two days, and they had the professional presence they were hoping for (and grew their connections/future prospects) when potential business contacts viewed their LinkedIn profiles.

Do You Need a Second Set of Eyes Before Submitting an Important Document?

Have you ever spent so much time and effort on a document that you feel too close to it to be objective (and correct errors)? Editing your own writing is not easy, especially if you’re in a time crunch. An organization in the automotive industry asked us to review a 40 page proposal to their head office to open another location in Toronto. Our client worried that they had waited too long because the proposal was due in three days. We reallocated assignments to ensure one writer could dedicate nearly 30 hours to the project, and our client was thrilled with the final document.