Professional Cover Letter Writing Services

Why are cover letters important for jobseekers?

A cover letter introduces you to an employer, and gives you an opportunity to discuss or explain information you mentioned on your resume. Depending on your strategy, you can also use it to introduce information you did not include in your resume.

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A cover letter gives potential employers an opportunity to see your ability to communicate and write persuasively. When written well, your cover letter will highlight your skills, qualifications, accomplishments and the value you can bring to an employer. In combination with your resume, a cover letter can help persuade an employer want to invest the time to meet you for an interview.

Cover letters give recruiters and hiring managers a way to differentiate between two candidates with similar qualifications. Writing a terrific cover letter can break a tie between you and another candidate, so it is a wise choice to include one with your application.

Your cover letter can also explain things that your resume cannot as easily. For example, if you have large gaps in your employment history, are applying to re-enter the job market or are moving to a different role or industry, your cover letter can explain your circumstances (as well as give you an opportunity to express why the timing is perfect for you to make this change).

How can I impress recruiters or potential employers with my cover letter?

Employers and recruiters want to read exactly why you are the ideal candidate for their position by tailoring your cover letter to the company and the specific employment opportunity.

If you submit a generic letter, you have a very low chance of impressing your audience. Employers and hiring managers want to read why you can do a great job in this role at their company (not hear you sing your praises in a way that may or may not be relevant to the actual opportunity).

Many people tell us that they think their resume gives employers all the information they need about them. Truthfully, even a well-written, very detailed resume is only a portion of how employers decide if they want to interview a candidate.

A cover letter complements the resume; it tells a recruiter or employer the type of position you are seeking (the job you are applying for), and exactly how and why you have the skills, qualification and directly related experiences to do it well.

Unfortunately, your cover letter can hurt your chances for an interview if it is poorly written or contains careless errors. Make the time to have someone you know who writes well review it. Alternatively, if you do not have someone who can review the letter for you quickly, print it and read it closely (looking for errors) at least two times. Detecting errors on a screen is more difficult for most people than when reviewing a hard copy, so we suggest that you print your cover letter for this reason.

If you are struggling to write an effective cover letter, we can write or edit your current draft.

How do cover letter writing services work?

Once we know your document requirements, we will work collaboratively with you to write a clear, persuasive cover letter to help elevate your chances of success. Most of our clients come to us for a resume and a cover letter, but we have assisted several clients exclusively with cover letters as well.

During our initial discovery call, we will find out why you are interested in our cover letter services, the employment opportunity (or opportunities) you’re targeting and discuss a timeline to complete a draft as well as offer a quotation for our services.

Costs for cover letter services range from $70-$125; a discounted rate may apply if multiple services are purchased.

During our 60-90 minute consultation (in-person, Skype or telephone) we will ask you several questions to have a better understanding of your professional history, skills and why you’re interested in this field or specific position. We want to find out about what makes you unique; we will use this information to make your cover letter more authentic and compelling. We will listen carefully to hear how you express yourself. We do not want your cover letter to sound like somebody else wrote it!

If we do not cover something important during our consultation, you will be encouraged to contact us to share additional information; many clients take us up on this offer because they may think of more information we should know after we finish!

Consultation on cover letter

Next, we will deliver a clearly written draft, and provide instructions about how to apply to the position. We will work with you to revise the document and meet your application deadline. We want every client who works with us to be satisfied with his or her cover letter. We invite suggestions and edits to our initial draft by Skype or telephone. For local clients, we will provide an opportunity to meet with us to discuss the draft.

Some employment postings have specific application requirements. For example, they may state that applications must be received in one combined document. We can combine the documents for you to help you meet this requirement. We are accustomed to the pressure of tight deadlines, and can remove a great deal of the stress associated with applying for a new job.

Would you love a second set of experienced eyes to help you write an impressive cover letter? Give us a call now!

Cover Letter Dos and Don’ts

Many clients wonder what they should and should not include in their cover letter. We will provide some of our top dos and don’ts.

Do highlight a few highly relevant details

Use your cover letter strategically; highlight the most relevant details about your skills, experiences or credentials (things you don’t want the employer to miss from your resume or details that may be challenging to include in a resume). Whenever possible, add data or numbers to illustrate your accomplishments.

Don’t include negativity

Don’t give the recruiter or employer any reason not to call you for an interview. For example, if you had a challenging relationship with a colleague in your last position, your cover letter is not the place to discuss it.

Do state how your qualifications fit the position

Your cover letter is not the place to list your qualifications; you need to align them directly to the position. For example, if you have extensively worked with a specialized facility booking software mentioned in the job posting as an asset, state this in your cover letter. If you are not sure about which information in your professional history to focus on in the cover letter based on the job description, we can guide you.

Don’t be cheeky with your presentation

Bright purple paper or elaborate fonts may take away from the impact of your cover letter…even if it is well written, and you are an excellent fit for the position. Use fonts that are easy to read (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond or Calibri), and save the fancy paper for social events.

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