Writing & Editing for the Legal Profession

The Write Approach Professional Services writes a wide range of documents for clients in the legal profession. While many of our clients have come to us with strong written communication skills, the vast majority sought assistance for a similar reason; they were having difficulty writing about themselves. This reason is a common theme for clients in other professions, too.

Especially when the stakes are high, a second set of eyes from a team who is experienced in persuasive, professional writing for the legal profession is exactly what is needed to elevate the document and take our clients one step closer to achieving their goals.

What kinds of documents can The Write Approach Professional Services write and edit for post-secondary students, law students, lawyers and judicial officials?

The Write Approach Professional Services has assisted with writing and editing the following types of document for clients since 2016:

  • Law school applications
  • Post-secondary essays
  • Resumes and cover letters for law students seeking articling positions or field-related employment
  • Lawyers writing articles for legal publications and/or charitable organizations
  • Assisting professionals from other fields with a Justice of the Peace Application to the Ontario Court of Justice
  • Lawyers applying for judicial appointments in the Ontario Court or Justice and the Superior Court of Justice

What happens next, and where do I start?

Depending on the nature of your request, you will start the process with a discovery call, a brief meeting designed to explain the project, discuss your deadline, identify requirements, review a quotation and decide if you wish to move forward with a writer from our team.

Next, we will book a consultation (please allot 1-2 hours for a video or telephone meeting), provide a draft and work collaboratively to refine the document until you are pleased with the results.

While we do not currently have a bilingual resource, we have a local translation partner available to assist us when clients require documents in English and French.

Please note that the writing and editing process is customized for each client and project.

If you have a different request than the documents listed above, we can discuss your last as well.

What kinds of results have you achieved?

Seeing our clients reach their goals is incredibly rewarding. Our clients have called us with happy stories of getting into law school, securing new positions and being appointed to serve with the Ontario Court of Justice.

In 2020, we completed two judicial applications for a client based in Barrie, Ontario for the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. After completing the applications, she told us that, “your support, care and outstanding writing skills took this experience from something that was causing me a lot of stress to something that brought me a lot of joy. You really saw me for who I am, and made this process so easy. Julie, I loved working with you!”

We are most grateful that this portion of our business has increased over the years due to clients sharing positive results and referring their colleagues, friends and family members to us.

If you are in the legal profession seeking writing or editing support, contact one of our writers at (416) 562-0328 or book a discovery call to discuss the project.