A 1955 issue of Changing Times advised its readers to stick to one page and only include relevant information. Times (and expectations) have changed quite a bit since then.

How Long Should a Resume be?

A typical resume is one or two pages long. For recent graduates, one page is ideal, and you should follow the same advice if you’re an entry-level applicant.

Two-page resumes are acceptable in many cases because they are often used by applicants with more than five years of professional experience.

Three-page resumes exist, too, but they are mostly used by senior personnel or people with over ten years of experience. If you’re unsure which length is best for you, you should consider hiring a resume writing service in Toronto to guide you. A resume service can help you build a professional resume that will help you stand out in a competitive situation.

Do I Need a Cover Letter?
Yes, in most cases, you need a cover letter. There are some instances where a job posting only asks for a resume, but this is not the norm. Writing a cover letter is a chance to show your written communication abilities, and explain why you’re a credible candidate worthy of an interview. Do not miss this opportunity by not writing a cover letter (or working with a writer to help you)!

How Many Words Should I Aim for on my Resume?

This is a bit of a trick question because there is no clear answer. There aren’t any designated rules for the page count or word count of a resume. However, the best answer to this question is that your resume should only be as long as it needs to be. Be as succinct as possible while showing off your skills, qualification and achievements.

Don’t think that by adding extra words , you’re going to impress a recruiter or hiring manager. If you’re a new graduate looking for your first professional opportunity, using a two-page resume is probably not the best strategy.

Is a Shorter Resume Cramping Your Style?

Some clients think that a single-page resume restricts their creativity because you have to find creative ways to fit your skills, experiences and achievements and references onto one page. A single page resume also motivates you to think critically about the content you include because your space is limited. You also have the added task of customizing your resume for every position. Yes, you read that last line correctly. Applicants who take the time to tailor their resumes to job postings have a higher rate of getting to the interview stage than candidates who use the same version of their resume for every position.

If all of this information is hard to process, consider hiring a resume writing service in Toronto to guide you. Experienced resume writers know what hiring managers and recruiters expect. They also know that it is not easy to write about yourself. It’s even hard to do so when there is a potential job opportunity at stake!

Give yourself a competitive advantage by getting the advice you need and documents to help you stand out by working with a professional resume writer.

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