Graphic designers have a knack for getting into the minutest details of whatever they’re crafting, be it a logo or a game character. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because this type of work makes them so good at what they do. However, the biggest challenge a designer may face isn’t when designing a resume layout, it’s the written content of the resume.
A resume is not a portfolio; not only do you have to make sure it looks great, the content must align with the job you’re applying for and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Expectations for portfolios and job interviews have changed over the past few years, but a resume is still what helps you stand out when it comes to the initial screening process.
If you are a graphic designer, is it a wise idea to design your resume or should you hire a resume writing service?

Should graphic designers write their own resumes?

We have sifted through many portfolios and have seen samples that have showcased a graphic designer’s talent and range. However, when we look at their resumes, they are often not as impressive as their work samples.
The main issue is that graphic designers excel in design, but may not be as talented in the writing department. They may have the misconception that resume writing is similar to writing captions or designing a character or web page. For starters, you can’t insert lorem ipsum on your resume!
When recruiters and hiring managers read resumes, errors and poorly structured sentences may make them want to stop reading the document.
Many resume writing services focus on the content within a resume much more than design. A resume writer who works with graphic designers (or other clients in creative fields) may suggest a collaborative approach based on combining your strengths with theirs.
In our experience, designers with input on the creative elements in combination with a document that clearly communicates their skills, strengths and experiences tend to fare the best when looking for a new opportunity.

What do we recommend?

A graphic designer can create their own resume, but it’s likely not the best choice because they are not experts in the content portion of resume writing. When it comes to effective resume writing, employers and recruiters have a very low tolerance for errors, and you’re likely competing with other candidates who have used a professional resume writer.
There is a time and place for showcasing your work. We recommend that you focus on designing your portfolio, and engaging a reputable resume writing service to help increase your odds of securing an interview.

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